stop taking short cuts. 

Last weekend, my trainer said slow down. So I slowed my canter down. I did the jumping course again, and she said, you didn’t slow down. I didn’t get it. It felt painfully slow. So she stopped and thought for a minute. Then she said, slow down and stop taking short cuts. The more time you have approaching the jump, the more breaths you take, the more strides he takes, will make your jump that much easier. 

She had no intention of sounding profound. Knowledgeable, wise, sure. 

I walked away and said, well shit, I run as fast as I can to everything in my life. My mentality for 29 years has been, the more I get done, the better human I am. 

I do things well, but am I enjoying the things I’m doing or am I just accomplishing them? 

I believe that painfully slow will allow me to feel all my mistakes. Maybe it will. Maybe I’m wrong. 

Tonight, she said, better but still too fast. It’s not a race. This time I realized it felt too fast, but I also realized I hadn’t breathed the entire 74 second course. Which is actually a long time not to breathe while expending every ounce of energy you have. 

She gave me a 7 jump course and told me to count outloud the entire time. 1, 2, 1, 2 approaching each jump. Then 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, land in between each jump. You have to breathe while you’re talking. 

I finished the course with my whole body smiling. Slow down. Painfully slow down. Breathe. Count your strides. Smile with your whole body. 


2 thoughts on “stop taking short cuts. 

  1. ” I do things well, but am I enjoying the things I’m doing or am I just accomplishing them? ” – most profound thing for me. All I ever hear is how well I do things or how strong I am. BUT, am I enjoying doing it or am I just accomplished? And does being accomplished really make me happy? No answer required, Im evaluating myself. thanks for the post. love you!

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