you’re a person, not a number. 

To my dear Gemma, 

Tomorrow will mark a huge milestone for you. One that will help determine a big part of your future. It is important. You have spent the last 2 years and the longest couple months of your life preparing for this outcome. I don’t worry even the slightest that you’ll do amazing. You’ll do you. Tomorrow, ironically and figuratively , be big. 

What I want to tell you the most is that you are not a number. You are not a number on the scale. You are not a number on a test. You are not average. You are not, not good enough. In my mind, numbers don’t exist tomorrow. 

You are by far, one of the most inspiring beings I know. You have lived life. You have seen, felt, heard, tasted, and touched the good, the hard, the raw, and the really real. And while I don’t wish the hard and raw upon you. Ever or ever. I am grateful it has given us a beautiful place to be in life, together, during all of those times. 

Tonight I hold you. I hope the trauma. I hold the food that is hard to chew and swallow. I hope the flashbacks. I hold the anxiety. I’ve got it. I’ve got it. 

Walk tomorrow tall and proud. Because not only are you about to enter your third year of med school; you’re about to enter it while living a life that isn’t always easy. Living a life that doesn’t always happen for a reason. But you’re living this beautiful life of yours; and I’m so grateful for it. I’m so grateful for you. 

Thank you for igniting the fire in me to be an artist. Thank you for reminding me to chew and swallow food so I can be strong to ride. Thank you for holding me while I cry. Thank you for reminding me what a passion my job is, even on hard days. Thank you for loving all my parts; especially the real and raw ones. 

Tomorrow isn’t a number. It’s you. It’s you being you. It’s a beautiful thing. 

I love you more. 


Your Gemma 


One thought on “you’re a person, not a number. 

  1. Nicole, This was so beautiful and encouraging to Gemma. I am sure.
    It was heart and soul depth. It can change the atmosphere of life.
    Love You,

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