to the bone. 


stop waiting for the world to make you happy. go out and find your joy. stop waiting for someone to come rescue you. take action for your actions.

those words come from an interpretation from the new netflix original To the Bone, which has finally sparked conversation around mental health.

for those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s a short film based on the story of a young girl struggling with an eating disorder. it takes you through her process of attending residential treatment, refusing it, and seeing herself sick from an outside lense, to then work towards health.

there were moments that, while watching I felt uncomfortable, then realized it was because they were so raw. and so real. moments that aren’t “allowed” in society as a way to heal from this illness.

it has finally ignited a conversation around mental illness, especially anorexia. which in 2017, still sadly has a huge taboo surrounding it. in addition awareness to anorexia being the highest death rate among depression, alcoholism, and drug addiction. mental illness is just that, it’s an illness. it’s not a choice. 

having my own personal experiences with mental health, I was amazed at the beauty and realism behind this well told story.

those who have suffered will not tell you that everything happens for a reason. sometimes shit just happens. the bravery of Lilly Collins to beautifully play this role was captured.

the world can have their opinions about the role being played after her real life struggle with an eating disorder. I hope for the sake of every women, man, girl, and boy who has ever has ever had/has this illness will use it as inspiration, as a therapeutic experience, as she has.

hats off Lilly Collins and company. your story is an inspiration to my own story.


One thought on “to the bone. 

  1. Beautifully told, Nicole. My experience was long ago, Nobody knew what it was, but I knew something was wrong.

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